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Holding a Workshop on Work Ethics and Professionalism, Head of S1 Medicine Hopes that FK UNS Staffs Will Increase Their Performance at Work


The Faculty of Medicine (FK) Bachelor of Medicine Study Program at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) held a workshop with the theme 'Work Ethics and Professionalism' on Tuesday (23/05/2023) in the Auditorium of the UNS Faculty of Medicine. This activity is intended to further improve the work ethic and professionalism of the education staffs (Tendik) in FK UNS.

This activity was opened by the Head of the Bachelor of Medicine Study Program, Dr. Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari, dr., M.Pd, and was attended by 70 participants who were students at FK UNS. This workshop invited Dani Sartika, owner and founder of Diva Edutainment Yogyakarta. The material presented is about a spiritual-based professional work ethic.

In his remarks, dr. Eti explained that the success of the Study Program or FK, Tendik staff is a component that plays an important role.

"This event is a workshop that was initiated by the Bachelor of Medicine Study Program because we view that for the success of the Study Program or the Faculty of Medicine, Mr/Ms Tendik is a component that plays an important role," dr. Eti said in her speech.

dr. Eti also said that through this workshop, it was hoped that the Tendik in FK UNS would increase their ability to communicate with others so that it would increase their effectiveness at work.

"All of us have lots of work every day, Tendik yes, Lecturer yes. That's how to make it work effectively, I don't know the knowledge myself. Well, he's the speaker at this later who knows his knowledge, including how our performance should be, how to behave with other friends, how to communicate. Because we work, we can't work alone, we work, we always need other people," dr. Eti Poncorini explained.

The workshop activity was closed by remarks from the Acting Officer Deputy Dean of General Affairs and Human Resources (HR) FK UNS, Dr. Diah Kurnia Mirawati, dr., Sp.S(K). He hoped that the more effective the performance of the academic community at UNS Faculty of Medicine and the good relations of all academics, lecturers, and students, UNS Faculty of Medicine would also be better and more prosperous.

“If we are comfortable working here, FK UNS will get bigger, more successful, and eventually its good outcomes will come back to us. Our hope is that our welfare will also increase," Dr. Diah said.


Reporter: Muh. Abu Dawud
Editor & Translator: Wartini