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Mapala Vagus and the Medical Team of the FK UNS Help Victims (2 UNS Students) who were Dragged by the Waves of Baron Beach


There were two beach accidents on the Ngluwen beach, Gunung Kidul Regency, a man and a woman at around 8.45 am on (Sunday, 30/5/2021). It was known that both of them are active students of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret (FT UNS) who are camping on the beach. While they were washing the cooking utensils, suddenly a high wave came that pulled or dragged them into the middle of the sea. One woman on behalf of Derbita Nadifa Sahira (Diploma 3 Student of Chemical Engineering Department FT UNS batch 2020) aged 19 years from Baki Sukoharjo has been successfully evacuated by a fishing boat in a dead condition. One more person on behalf of Muhamad Rois Chaq (S1 student majoring in Civil Engineering FT UNS batch 2020) aged 19 years from Umbulharjo Yogyakarta who is currently still in search of the south coast SAR team, UNS SAR team, UPN Yogyakarta SAR team, Mapala AB FT UNS, Mapala Vagus, Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNS, and local volunteers.

The Faculty of Medicine, UNS, besides sending students who are members of the Nature Lovers Student Organization (Ormawa) (Mapala Vagus) also sent its medical team to help and relieve the victims and their families who are still at the scene while waiting for the search and rescue team to find them.

Public Relation of FK UNS: Ari Kusbiyanto
Translator: Wartini